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Understanding Customer Types: A Key to Boosting Conversion Rate

Posted by Laura McMenamy on Jun 28, 2024 1:49:16 PM

Learn how identifying customer types can really increase your e-commerce conversion rates.

The Competitive Customer: Characteristics and Behaviour

When it comes to understanding customer types, one important group is the competitive customer. These shoppers are driven by the desire to have the best products that showcase their status. They prioritise quality and are willing to pay a premium price for it. As a retailer, it's crucial to provide them with excellent service and be a trusted source of information. These customers make quick purchasing decisions and expect a seamless transaction.

To serve competitive customers, it's important to display your products clearly and provide all the necessary information. Highlight the quality and unique features of your offerings to appeal to their desire for the best of everything. Ensure that your website or store offers a seamless and convenient purchasing experience to meet their expectations.

The Methodical Shopper: Strategies to Capture their Attention

The methodical shopper makes up a significant portion of shoppers. These individuals are meticulous and take their time to research and compare prices before making a purchase. They are price-sensitive and not in a hurry to buy.

To sell to methodical shoppers, it's important to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions. Make sure your website or store displays clear pricing information and allows for easy comparison with competitors. Provide detailed product descriptions and specifications to assist them in their research. Offering competitive prices and promotions can also help entice them to make a purchase.

The Impulse Buyer: Instant Gratification is Key

Spontaneous or impulse buyers are those who make purchases on a whim, often driven by sales or the thrill of a new purchase. They don't typically spend much time researching or comparing prices.

To capture the attention of spontaneous buyers, it's important to create a sense of urgency and excitement around your products. Highlight limited-time offers or exclusive deals to entice them to make a spontaneous purchase. Use persuasive language and appealing visuals to create a sense of instant gratification. Make the purchasing process quick and seamless to capitalize on their impulsive behaviour.

The Humanistic Consumer: Building Long-lasting Relationships

The humanistic consumer is characterised by their attachment to a brand and its ethos. They value long-lasting relationships and are willing to invest time and effort in understanding a brand's values.

To appeal to humanistic consumers, focus on building a strong brand identity and conveying your brand's values and mission. Engage with them through storytelling and personalised experiences. Show that your brand aligns with their beliefs and priorities. Building long-lasting relationships with these consumers can lead to loyalty and repeat purchases.

Targeting the Right Customer Type: Tailoring Your Marketing Approach for Success

Understanding the different customer types is essential for e-commerce success. By identifying the characteristics and behaviours of each customer type, you can tailor your marketing approach to target the right audience.

Segment your marketing campaigns to address the specific needs and preferences of each customer type. Use the appropriate messaging and channels to reach them effectively. By understanding your customers and delivering personalised experiences, you can boost your conversion rates and drive growth in your e-commerce business.

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E-Commerce & Classic Cars

Posted by Ruairi Browne on Jun 26, 2024 2:20:17 PM

I love old vans because they are big, ignorant, and practical - a bit like me.

My oldest van (a 1971 VW) has been off the road for a few months. It was running badly, and I didn't have the confidence to just get stuck in. Maybe I was just waiting for it to fix itself. Then a couple of weeks ago I realised that was not going to happen. So, I got stuck in.

It turns out the carburettor was leaking fuel. I could have rebuilt it, but it was old and jaded so I just replaced it. The new carb worked but wasn't tuned well. It was idling high and running rough (see video!). I stuck some screwdrivers into the appropriate places and tweaked until the van sounded half normal. I then had to service the engine, adjust the valves, do the timing, and being an old engine I will probably have to do it all again in a few months.

What's all this got to do with e-commerce? It's actually very similar. No, it's the exact bloody same!

Consider an engine as sucking in fuel and converting it into movement. An e-commerce website sucks in visitors and converts them into customers.

Both have a lot of inefficiencies - an engine generates heat, and a website generates lost visitors. But the key similarity is that if it is not working well then you need to look under the bonnet and figure out why.

The carb is like your sales and marketing funnel - it needs to be tuned and delivering the visitors to the engine that is your Shopify website. Your website needs to be tuned to convert visitors to customers efficiently.

On my van there is even a pipe from the carb back to the fuel tank that sends unused petrol back to the tank so as it can be sent through again - just like we use Klaviyo to catch abandoned carts.

But most of all the similarity is a psychological one. If you want your website to work brilliantly you need to get past the fear and get stuck in. You need to be willing to break things, have occasional breakdowns, and maybe even risk a full-blown engine failure. Because the alternative is what so many classic car owners actually have - a good-looking shed ornament (or in your case a pretty website that does nothing useful).

So where do Perfidious Albert come into this? If you are really willing to get stuck in, then maybe we don't come into it - and that's ok. But if you want a good e-commerce mechanic to partner with and help you create a brilliant strategy for your website then we want to work with you. You need a curious mind and a can-do attitude to work with us anyway - we can only push so hard - it's your business. You need to own it. Call us for a no obligation consultation. We can talk about old vans or new websites - your shout! I love working on both.

Video of engine running after new carb but before tuning

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Split shipping in Shopify checkout

Posted by Ruairi Browne on Jun 25, 2024 9:54:03 AM

Shopify released an exciting new feature yesterday. Previously when you have shipments to customers from more than one fulfilment centre or location or by more than one shipping method it would bundle them up into "shipping" and leave the customer clueless as to what was going on. All your hard work around shipping times, shipping options, and various options would not be displayed.

One place I have noticed this causing big problems over the years is with a mix of heavy and light items. For example if you are posting 4 t-shirts, 2 hats, and a giant metal poster to the United States. The clothing might cost €12 with An-Post, but the poster might need separate shipping and cost €60 with Fedex. The customer will see "Standard €72" at the checkout page. That might well be outside their budget. There is no clue given to them that if they can live without the sign then they could still get the clothes for a low postage cost.

If they do order it also causes confusion when the metal sign arrives by speedy Fedex but the rest of their order has not arrived. You can mitigate this with good emails and communications, but it is even better to set the expectations when they are paying - that is when they are most alert to the ins and outs of the transaction.

Now with Shopify there will be two or more shipping boxes if there will be two or more shipments. Problems solved. See the video below for more information.

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Selling internationally with Shopify

Posted by Ruairi Browne on Jun 19, 2024 12:43:49 PM

Ireland is the greatest small country in the world. Is it big enough for you?

Here are some vague beliefs about selling internationally that we have formed while working with our clients.

  • Americans will buy from Ireland even if the shipping and taxes are insane.
  • Most Europeans prefer and expect an English speaking site when buying from abroad.
  • The UK is still the easiest place for Irish companies to make money online.
  • UPS, DHL, and Fedex will give you an 80% discount if you do any decent level of sales.


Do you need help with VAT?

When Perfidious Albert was in college learning software development from Professors Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace he also had to take a module on business and taxes. When explaining VAT his lecturer described it like so...

The Forestry
The forestry worker cuts down a tree that he grew from a free seed. He sells it to a lumber yard for €100 plus VAT = €123.

The Lumber Yard
The lumber yard reclaims the €23 VAT so they pay just €100 for the tree. They add value to the tree by cutting it into lumber. They sell the lumber to a furniture factor for €200 + VAT = €246

The Furniture Factory
The furniture factory reclaims the €46 VAT so they pay just €200 for the lumber. They add value to the lumber by making it into a table. They sell the table to a homeware shop for €500 + VAT = €615

The Homeware Shop
The homeware shop reclaims the €115 VAT so they pay just €500 for the table. They add value to the table by merchandising and advertising it. They sell the table to a consumer for €1000 + VAT = €1230

The Consumer
The final value of the seed -> table has now comes home to roost with the consumer. That means the Value Added Tax has also come home to roost. The consumer cannot reclaim the VAT. Revenue pocket €230 for the hard work of the 4 businesses that added value to the seed. VAT is a tax on that added value.

  • You should almost always charge VAT to Irish consumers.
  • You should almost always charge VAT to Irish businesses.
  • You should not charge VAT to non-Irish EU businesses.
  • You should charge the local VAT rate to a consumer in another EU country if you turnover more than 10k in that country.
  • You should charge the Irish VAT rate to a consumer in another EU country if you turnover less than 10k in that country.
  • You should not charge VAT when selling goods to outside the EU. This includes the UK, but not Northern Ireland.
  • You should always provide a VAT receipt or invoice.

All the above assume your own business is VAT registered and you should check all of the above with a tax advisor as there are lots of exceptions and we are only trying to indicate the complexities required so that you might know if you need our help with VAT in Shopify.

Do you charge accurate shipping and duty?

Depending on your courier it is now possible to charge your customers the appropriate duty for their product at the checkout. This means they get no nasty bills when their parcel is processed by customs.

We can help you integrate with all the major couriers for real time shipping rates, shipping times, and duty charges.

Do you need to be multi-lingual?

It is very easy to translate your checkout and general shoping experience on Shopify - it does it for you. Custom translation of product descriptions is obviously a much bigger task, but we can help (not with the translations, but with the setup!).

Do you want to it till you it?

Using local domain names such as .es .de. pt and .uk is straightforward and we are happy to help with registration and setting up different domain names for different regions. At the very least we recommend .ie, .uk, and .eu. Combine these with a local phone number and virtual office and your customers will feel very comfortable knowing (thinking?) they are dealing with a local operation.

Do you need a dollar dollar dollar is that what you need?

We will set-up multi-currency support so that your customers always see the prices in their local currency. Usually the customer can make the choice, but it will tend to default to the appropriate choice for their location. Customers in the UK will see GBP, customers in the USA will see USD.

Make it Happen

Fill in our contact form or drop us an email and we will be in touch.

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Drinking whiskey and your e-commerce needs

Posted by Laura McMenamy on Jun 19, 2024 12:13:41 PM

It’s Laura here today. I’ve managed to wrestle the keyboard from Perfidious Albert himself and sent him off to be perfidious somewhere else for an hour.

I want to briefly tell you what we do here in Perfidious Albert.

We are first and foremost a software business - that builds websites.

We are also retail experts.

We know what it takes to start a small business, (we have plenty of experience here, both failures and successes) and we know how to build a beautiful and functional website (we even more experience here!), but what we also know how to do, is to get your e-commerce business making sales.

With many years of retail experience behind me, I want my online shopping experiences to be seamless. I want to know exactly what I am buying. It has to be obvious. I want to know what it looks like. I want to know how your product works. What exactly is it going to do for me? And why exactly do I need it in my life?

Even if I have been given all of this information in a beautiful and straightforward manner, at this point I still only might buy your product.

If your checkout process is slow, complicated, clunky or gets in my way, I am “away on”.

On to the next site. Looking for something similar somewhere else.

I am probably coming across as being very impatient, but the average amount of time people spend on new websites is only 1-2 minutes.

Fortunately, here in Perfidious Albert we understand all of the above, and we are here to get you selling worldwide from a website that is functional and efficient.

We have found Shopify to be the most effective platform at mimicking real life physical retail stores. You can merchandise like you have your own shop front on your favourite street. You can show the world your most colourful and eye-catching products. Your website should tell me what you are selling, and then why I should buy it.

We audit your current site to see where we can make improvements (product descriptions, SEO, amount of product, images, offerings, your message, payment process).

We then work with you to get your online business running smoothly and leave you with the tools you need to keep working in your ever growing, living and breathing website.

Before I go, humour me while I show off a little. We have been working on a really special project over the last few months. Here is the website - it is elegant, modern and functional. A great example of what Shopify can do.

But most importantly I have managed to secure a bottle of Mitchell & Sons very own Gold Spot The Generations Edition.

PA himself, being the man he is, managed to get a taste of this liquid gold on one of his many client visits (I wondered why he visited this client so many times!). I however am going to have to wait for a special occasion before opening the bottle I have hidden from him 😛

Here’s a link to nab your very own Gold Spot Generations Edition from the last of their stash.

Before you sip on too much of your new whiskey - send us a message to chat about your e-commerce requirements.

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