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Perfidious Albert's Website Portfolio

When Perfidious Albert sees an ugly website, he knows it is almost certainly not going to function properly. When he sees a highly decorative and probably very beautiful website, he knows it is almost certainly not going to function properly. When he sees a beautiful and simple website design that is effective in telling a story or representing a brand then he is always certain it will indeed function properly.

A great website is like a classic car. By classic we don't mean old. We mean one that has gone down in history as a true people's car. A Mini or a Mustang or a Volkswagen Bus for example. None of those cars were ever expensive, nor were they cheap, and none of them were designed to be beautiful. They are designed to be driven. And yet they are still very beautiful in a functional way. An e-commerce website is very like a car. It has a job to do. It gets your customer from A to B. A is looking at the product. B is getting an email saying, "thank you for your order". Look at the sites below and ask yourself - are they simple, elegant, and functional? That's the goal.

Shopify website for wine sales in Ireland
Mitchell & Son
This 200 year old company with a very cutting edge e-commerce business brand required a brand new site. Of course we proposed to build it on on Shopify and to integrate it with their warehousing and fulfilment systems. We spent a lot of time working on a landing page for the world famous Spot Whiskeys and trying to bring to life the 200 year history of the brand. With over 900 wines in stock searching and filtering was critical to the success of the site, and matching wines with the correct glassware and gift boxes makes for tasty upsells.
Listoke Distillery
Listoke Gin School & Distillery were using three expensive and outdated websites to sell online to consumers, business customers, and to promote their famous gin school. We moved all three websites into one consolidated Shopify solution saving the company a lot of money (website fees, administrative costs, maintenance costs). Sales increased immediately and costs went down substantially. The website really showcases the quality and innovation of the Listoke brand.
rathlin ferry website
Rathlin Ferry & Ticketing
Over a period of 6 months in 2023 we migrated Rathlin Ferry from a paper and pen-based ticketing system to an exclusively e-commerce-based ticketing system. It is hard to quantify the extraordinary efficiencies that the new system introduced, but as an example in summer 2022 there were 30-minute-long queues of people waiting to purchase tickets to the island from three ticketing staff. In summer 2023 the queues no longer existed, and the terminal could operate efficiently with just one staff member on the ticketing desk. The passengers now simply walk onto the ferry with their tickets on their phones. This system was developed in-house in Microsoft .Net and has an underlying API that allows third party travel agents to sell tickets on behalf of Rathlin Ferry.
"Rathlin Ferry have worked with Perfidious Albert for over a year to develop a web-based ticketing system with both front and back-end facilities and detailed database reporting. The ticketing system was built in tandem with a clear and detailed website. I have thoroughly enjoyed the development process and found Perfidious Albert effortless to deal with and found the support fantastic. The system has grown beyond what we thought possible with updates and development carried out quickly with great communication. We are excited for the future with Perfidious Albert and consider them crucial to the success of the business."
paul mccormick
Paul McCormick, General Manager, Rathlin Ferry
Mythical Ireland Shopify
Mythical Ireland
Bonnybrook Pharmacy Shopify McLernons
Bonnybrook Pharmacy
"Perfidious Albert redesigned my website from scratch and not just saved my business but helped it to thrive. He did this in a short time frame and was extremely helpful throughout. And my website is a substantial one with lots of content - hundreds of pages and many hundreds of images. He saved me an enormous amount of stress and my business has thrived since he redesigned it. I would highly recommend him and his expertise in the Shopify platform in particular made the transition from bespoke website to a Shopify site all the easier. I am grateful to him and would highly recommend him."
anthony murphy
Anthony Murphy, Author & Owner, Mythical Ireland