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Laura McMenamy

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Understanding Customer Types: A Key to Boosting Conversion Rate

Posted by Laura McMenamy on Jun 28, 2024 1:49:16 PM

Learn how identifying customer types can really increase your e-commerce conversion rates.

The Competitive Customer: Characteristics and Behaviour

When it comes to understanding customer types, one important group is the competitive customer. These shoppers are driven by the desire to have the best products that showcase their status. They prioritise quality and are willing to pay a premium price for it. As a retailer, it's crucial to provide them with excellent service and be a trusted source of information. These customers make quick purchasing decisions and expect a seamless transaction.

To serve competitive customers, it's important to display your products clearly and provide all the necessary information. Highlight the quality and unique features of your offerings to appeal to their desire for the best of everything. Ensure that your website or store offers a seamless and convenient purchasing experience to meet their expectations.

The Methodical Shopper: Strategies to Capture their Attention

The methodical shopper makes up a significant portion of shoppers. These individuals are meticulous and take their time to research and compare prices before making a purchase. They are price-sensitive and not in a hurry to buy.

To sell to methodical shoppers, it's important to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions. Make sure your website or store displays clear pricing information and allows for easy comparison with competitors. Provide detailed product descriptions and specifications to assist them in their research. Offering competitive prices and promotions can also help entice them to make a purchase.

The Impulse Buyer: Instant Gratification is Key

Spontaneous or impulse buyers are those who make purchases on a whim, often driven by sales or the thrill of a new purchase. They don't typically spend much time researching or comparing prices.

To capture the attention of spontaneous buyers, it's important to create a sense of urgency and excitement around your products. Highlight limited-time offers or exclusive deals to entice them to make a spontaneous purchase. Use persuasive language and appealing visuals to create a sense of instant gratification. Make the purchasing process quick and seamless to capitalize on their impulsive behaviour.

The Humanistic Consumer: Building Long-lasting Relationships

The humanistic consumer is characterised by their attachment to a brand and its ethos. They value long-lasting relationships and are willing to invest time and effort in understanding a brand's values.

To appeal to humanistic consumers, focus on building a strong brand identity and conveying your brand's values and mission. Engage with them through storytelling and personalised experiences. Show that your brand aligns with their beliefs and priorities. Building long-lasting relationships with these consumers can lead to loyalty and repeat purchases.

Targeting the Right Customer Type: Tailoring Your Marketing Approach for Success

Understanding the different customer types is essential for e-commerce success. By identifying the characteristics and behaviours of each customer type, you can tailor your marketing approach to target the right audience.

Segment your marketing campaigns to address the specific needs and preferences of each customer type. Use the appropriate messaging and channels to reach them effectively. By understanding your customers and delivering personalised experiences, you can boost your conversion rates and drive growth in your e-commerce business.

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Drinking whiskey and your e-commerce needs

Posted by Laura McMenamy on Jun 19, 2024 12:13:41 PM

It’s Laura here today. I’ve managed to wrestle the keyboard from Perfidious Albert himself and sent him off to be perfidious somewhere else for an hour.

I want to briefly tell you what we do here in Perfidious Albert.

We are first and foremost a software business - that builds websites.

We are also retail experts.

We know what it takes to start a small business, (we have plenty of experience here, both failures and successes) and we know how to build a beautiful and functional website (we even more experience here!), but what we also know how to do, is to get your e-commerce business making sales.

With many years of retail experience behind me, I want my online shopping experiences to be seamless. I want to know exactly what I am buying. It has to be obvious. I want to know what it looks like. I want to know how your product works. What exactly is it going to do for me? And why exactly do I need it in my life?

Even if I have been given all of this information in a beautiful and straightforward manner, at this point I still only might buy your product.

If your checkout process is slow, complicated, clunky or gets in my way, I am “away on”.

On to the next site. Looking for something similar somewhere else.

I am probably coming across as being very impatient, but the average amount of time people spend on new websites is only 1-2 minutes.

Fortunately, here in Perfidious Albert we understand all of the above, and we are here to get you selling worldwide from a website that is functional and efficient.

We have found Shopify to be the most effective platform at mimicking real life physical retail stores. You can merchandise like you have your own shop front on your favourite street. You can show the world your most colourful and eye-catching products. Your website should tell me what you are selling, and then why I should buy it.

We audit your current site to see where we can make improvements (product descriptions, SEO, amount of product, images, offerings, your message, payment process).

We then work with you to get your online business running smoothly and leave you with the tools you need to keep working in your ever growing, living and breathing website.

Before I go, humour me while I show off a little. We have been working on a really special project over the last few months. Here is the website - it is elegant, modern and functional. A great example of what Shopify can do.

But most importantly I have managed to secure a bottle of Mitchell & Sons very own Gold Spot The Generations Edition.

PA himself, being the man he is, managed to get a taste of this liquid gold on one of his many client visits (I wondered why he visited this client so many times!). I however am going to have to wait for a special occasion before opening the bottle I have hidden from him 😛

Here’s a link to nab your very own Gold Spot Generations Edition from the last of their stash.

Before you sip on too much of your new whiskey - send us a message to chat about your e-commerce requirements.

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