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Split shipping in Shopify checkout

Shopify released an exciting new feature yesterday. Previously when you have shipments to customers from more than one fulfilment centre or location or by more than one shipping method it would bundle them up into "shipping" and leave the customer clueless as to what was going on. All your hard work around shipping times, shipping options, and various options would not be displayed.

One place I have noticed this causing big problems over the years is with a mix of heavy and light items. For example if you are posting 4 t-shirts, 2 hats, and a giant metal poster to the United States. The clothing might cost €12 with An-Post, but the poster might need separate shipping and cost €60 with Fedex. The customer will see "Standard €72" at the checkout page. That might well be outside their budget. There is no clue given to them that if they can live without the sign then they could still get the clothes for a low postage cost.

If they do order it also causes confusion when the metal sign arrives by speedy Fedex but the rest of their order has not arrived. You can mitigate this with good emails and communications, but it is even better to set the expectations when they are paying - that is when they are most alert to the ins and outs of the transaction.

Now with Shopify there will be two or more shipping boxes if there will be two or more shipments. Problems solved. See the video below for more information.