E-Commerce Website Development

Perfidious Albert is a web developer who specialises in e-commerce websites. I do one thing and I do it well - I build Shopify websites for manufacturers and retailers who want to open up or grow their online sales channel.

I work fast - I don't keep you hanging around for weeks. Most of my website work is complete within 3 or 4 days after you place your order. I need you to be ready with good quality product photos and content, a list of stockists, an about us story and whatever else you might like on your site.

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Shopify API, Plugin, and App Development

Perfidious Albert has 25 years experience as a high level software developer working for the likes of Microsoft, An Garda Siochana, and General Electric. If you need a Shopify app developed to allow specialist integration or functionality he can help. Shopify API access allows you to pull information of any order, product, or customer out of Shopify and into your other business applications.

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Inventory Management

If you are working in multi-channel retail (bricks and mortar and online for example) then Perfidious Albert can help you with inventory management soilutions that make sure you never oversell a product. You will also know when to reorder and have access to information on inventory turnover and sales volumes.

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Services & Prices

Everything has a price. Except website development. That always has a "call us for a quote". Perfidious Albert hates talking on the phone so he would rather just tell you now.

Click any of the services below for more information and to pay or book online. Also, while you are here, ponder a while on what the models are all looking at.

Shopify Website Design & Build

You fill out a form with lots of questions. Perfidious Albert creates a Shopify website and he uses the answers to the questions to configure the site to your needs.

  • Suitable Shopify 2.0 theme installed and customised.
  • Images and content uploaded.
  • Credit card processing with Stripe working and tested.
  • PayPal working and tested.
  • SSL cert (secure shopping) working and tested.
  • Domain name purchased and activated.
  • Postage rates created.
  • Access for your employees or staff to enter the site.
  • Taxes, time zones, currencies, etc all set-up for your business.
  • Max 5 products uploaded unless they are in a Shopify ready CSV format.
  • One hour training over Zoom.
  • 1 months support after go live.

You will have to pay for the theme (max €250 ex. VAT depending on your choices) as well as the monthly Shopify fee of approximately €29 ex VAT depending on your e-commerce requirements.

€2500 ex. VAT, 50% deposit

Event Ticketing System

Sell and manage tickets for online or offline events including attendee requirements, refunds, date changes, and ticket price tiers.

  • Add-on to any Shopify website.
  • Sell and manage tickets and bookings for events, training, concerts, etc.
  • Integrate the even calendar and booking form on your website.
  • Integrates with Zoom for virtual events.
  • 30 minutes training over Zoom.

There will be additional ongoing per ticket and per month subscription fees payable to the event ticket management company. These are dependent on sales volumes and ticket price.

€125 ex. VAT

Advanced Integration with Klaviyo

Create a powerful email infrastructure to drive sales and increase customer retention.

  • Email campaigns and mailing list management.
  • Seamless integration, Shopify-specific templates, and the essential email and SMS tools to grow sales.
  • Increase sales and order values with hyper-targeted email and SMS, powered by real-time data in one unified platform.
  • Training not provided as Klaviyo have really good online resources

You will have to pay for Klaviyo at the costs shown on the Klaviyo website.

From €250 ex. VAT

Shopify Support & Development

Most of his customers take to Shopify like ducks to water and Perfidious Albert rarely has to do any ongoing work with their websites. However, if you need him, he is there for you - for a price of course!

€75 ex. VAT per hour