Are You Struggling to Get Online Orders?

E-Commerce is Hard

"Open an e-commerce shop", they said, "and you will have 8 billion customers".

Are you worried about how few orders you are getting online? E-Commerce is really hard. There is a lot to learn. Selling online is completely different to selling in a traditional retail environment. Having a great product is not good enough. You are selling great products that you believe in but nobody is buying.

Your disappointing online sales are [hopefully] not a result of a bad business, they are the result of badly executed e-commerce.

You Need a Strategy

We measure and analyse 12 e-commerce key performance indicators (KPIs) across your business. We then implement and continuously tweak strategies to improve all 12 KPIs. We will make sure that your website is working and is maximising revenue and profit.

You Might Also Need a Website

We build e-commerce websites that work using Shopify. We only work with Shopify as we believe it is the best platform for achieving high growth and sustaining revenue for an e-commerce business.

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Perfidious Albert's Recent Clients

We have worked with many Irish businesses to increase their online revenue and get their e-commerce working. We have even helped a number of smaller business owners leave their full time jobs and work exclusively in their business.

View our full portfolio.

How Perfidious Albert Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

We will be your

Outsourced Head of E-Commerce

Commit to 12 months working with us and we will transform your e-commerce business. Increased revenue of up to 400% is often easily achievable with a couple of months of tweaking.

Remember that improved KPIs is the end result of our work. To achieve KPIs that sing we have to improve every aspect of your website, from product descriptions through to email content. You are paying for an e-commerce strategy and getting 12 months of web development as well.

We will also be your

Shopify Web Developer

In order to achieve best in class KPIs for your business we will install and set-up Google Analytics, Klaviyo email marketing, upsales and cross sales add-ins for Shopify, and apps for bundles and gifts. We will also provide you with monthly reports and workshop style plans of action that you can use to achieve even greater results.

Simple Pricing, Guaranteed Results

A business that has very poor sales but a very good product is our bread and butter. If you are an SME that falls into that category then we require a commitment of 12 months at €500 ex VAT per month. You must also have a Shopify website that is of a reasonable standard to begin with. If you don’t we can provide one. For large businesses or businesses that have good KPIs but want excellent KPIs the challenge is a little greater and so too will be the costs.

We work with a maximum of 4 companies per year. There may be a waiting list, but if we decide to work with each other we will make sure you are next in line.

We will not offer to work with you unless we recognise that your business is one that we can dramatically help. If we are finding it difficult to reach the KPIs we feel your business is capable of then we will put in extra time and effort at no extra cost to you. Most of the hard work we do is front loaded towards the start of the year and the biggest results come towards the end, so you hold the cards.

Email us now and we will arrange a time to look at your website and the current state of your KPIs. One thing is for certain, if you don’t change your e-commerce strategy you will still be getting low sales and poor revenue this time next year. Let’s make the change.

E-commerce requires specialist experience and is a very niche business skill that combines retail expertise with technical knowledge and a lot of psychology. Perfidious Albert are committed to being the primary experts on Shopify e-commerce in Ireland. Email us now and let’s get your website selling.

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