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Irish E-Commerce Business Owners
Increase Your Sales Online

We will build your website and create an e-commerce strategy that sells.

This is how we do it...

Increase Orders

We help you implement proven strategies for e-commerce operations that will drive higher sales volumes and lead to lower cart abandonment.

Increase Revenue

We use our experience with over 40+ clients to accelerate your e-commerce business by increasing the value of every order and upselling on every sale.

Automate Marketing

We work with Shopify & Klaviyo to automate your marketing, build a valuable email list, and dramatically increase customer lifetime value and customer retention.

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E-Commerce is Hard

"Open an e-commerce shop", they said, "and you will have 8 billion customers".

Are you worried about how few orders you are getting online? E-Commerce is really hard. There is a lot to learn. Selling online is completely different to selling in a traditional retail environment. Having a great product is not good enough. You are selling great products that you believe in but nobody is buying.

Your disappointing online sales are [hopefully] not a result of a bad business, they are the result of not having a working e-commerce strategy.

You Need a Strategy

We measure and analyse 12 e-commerce key performance indicators (KPIs) across your business. We then implement and continuously tweak strategies to improve all 12 KPIs. We will make sure that your website is working and is maximising revenue and profit.

You May Also Need a Website

We build e-commerce websites that work using Shopify. We only work with Shopify as we believe it is the best platform for achieving high growth and sustaining revenue for an e-commerce business.

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Perfidious Albert's Recent Clients

We have worked with many Irish businesses to increase their online revenue and get their e-commerce working. We have even helped a number of smaller business owners leave their full-time jobs and work exclusively in their business.

How Perfidious Albert Can Help Your E-Commerce Business


E-Commerce Strategy

Commit to 12 months working with us and we will transform your e-commerce business. Increased revenue of up to 400% is often easily achievable with a couple of months of tweaking.

Remember that improved KPIs is the end result of our work. To achieve KPIs that sing we have to improve every aspect of your website, from product descriptions through to email content. You are paying for an e-commerce strategy and getting 12 months of web development as well.

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Website Development

We build beautiful and functional e-commerce websites using Shopify. Every stage of development is carefully considered to make your website attract visitors and convert them to customers.

With over 25 years of experience building websites and systems for companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, Garda Siochana, and St. Vincents Hospital Group you can be very assured that our head developer is an absolute expert in e-commerce and website development.

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Marketing Automation

The secret to happy and profitable customers is communication.  Using Klaviyo we build communications and marketing into your customer journey.

We increase your customer satisfaction by automating communications around orders, shipping, feedback, and returns.

We increase your customer lifetime value by segmenting and understanding customers into groups such as heavy spenders, gift buyers, churn risks, where they live, and more. We then carefully cater for their individual emails with automated campaigns and newsletters.

Plans and Pricing

We work mostly with SMEs, we prefer to work within Ireland (incl. NI) as we like face to face meetings, and we like you to verbally commitment to working with us for at least 12 months. We can only work with your company if you already use Shopify and Klaviyo or if you are willing to upgrade. We work with around 4 companies at at time so you might need to wait a short while. If all that is ok, then please keep reading!



For small businesses that need guidance and mentoring
  • Includes our real-time e-commerce dashboard that we monitor, analyse, and use to form strategies
  • Klaviyo strategy with instructions
  • Content reviews and advice

  • Shopify support and access to development




For businesses that need strategic advice and practical help to grow
  • Includes our real-time e-commerce dashboard that we monitor, analyse, and use to form strategies
  • Managed Klaviyo strategy and development
  • Advanced A/B testing and analysis of content
  • Managed Shopify strategy and development (bundles, subscriptions, automation, coding, etc)




A technical and strategic outsourced director of e-commerce
  • Includes our real-time e-commerce dashboard that we monitor, analyse, and use to form strategies
  • Implement advanced Klaviyo email strategies and automation

  • Provide SEO analysis and website content analysis

  • Take care of Shopify including advanced automations, fulfilment integration, and advanced development

  • Work closely with the marketing staff or marketing agency to maximise return on marketing
  • Help with sourcing and applying for grant funding
  • Attend directors meetings and on-site consultations when required
  • Implement a staff training strategy for e-commerce and e-mail marketing
E-commerce requires specialist experience and is a very niche business skill that combines retail expertise with technical knowledge and a lot of psychology. Perfidious Albert are committed to being the primary experts on Shopify e-commerce in Ireland. Email us now and let’s get your website selling.

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