Perfidious Albert has arrived. Rejoice.
Perfidious Albert has arrived. Rejoice.
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Our Price List

Everything has a price. Except website development. That always has a "call us for a quote". Perfidious Albert hates talking on the phone so he would rather just tell you now.

Getting You Online

You fill out a form with lots of questions. Perfidious Albert creates a Shopify website and he use the answers to the questions to configure the site to your needs. When he is done you will have a fully functional site that has a very basic but professional look and feel with logo and social media icons. No images or product uploads, no pages or text, no contact us page or maps or anything like that. Just a basic website with the following working...

  • Credit card processing with Stripe working and tested.
  • PayPal working and tested.
  • SSL cert (secure shopping) working and tested.
  • Domain name purchased or transferred (subject to T&Cs)
  • Postage rates created
  • Access for your employees or staff to enter the site
  • Taxes, time zones, currencies, etc all set-up for your business

The cost of the above is €250 + VAT

Making You Look Good

The next step is choosing a template (Perfidious Albert is not a designer. Designers work hard for low pay. Perfidious Albert occasionally will accept low pay or do hard work but never both at the same time). Perfidious Albert will then make the template match your brand. He will also create content pages, a really nice homepage, upload a few products, and test the site fully for SEO and usability. All his sites are mobile friendly.

The cost is usually €1,200. He might charge more for complex sites.


Shopify itself costs between €30 and €100 per month depending on your requirements. Most of our clients pay less than €50.

Perfidious Albert can help with Facebook and Google advertising, social media campaigns, photography, pick 'n' pack, and much more. He does this mostly by hiring his friends at mates rates and charging you business rates. That is the power dynamic of our relationship and you can fight it or you can accept it.