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shopify partner ireland

Perfidious Albert is an official partner of Shopify. This gives us access to enhanced support, better access to resources, and the ability to create custom solutions for Shopify stores.

Starter Website for Irish Businesses

Are you the owner of a micro-business in Ireland? Are you fed-up with Wix or Squarespace? Do you want to be selling on Shopify? With our leg-up service you can start the day with no website and end it processing your first ever orders online.

Contact us and arrange a date. Then simply join us online for a 1 on 1 meeting. We will advise you in advance what you need to have ready to set-up Shopify.

With our extensive experience of Shopify, we will have you up and running in just a couple of hours. We will explain every step to you and we will do all the important stuff with you (domain name, Stripe aka ShopPay, shipping rates, legal pages, homepage, applying your branding, uploading your first product, etc).

We will then hand the website over to you with a user manual that will have links to all the videos and resources you need to start selling online. It will be up to you to upload the rest of your products, but we will show you how. We will check in again to see how you are doing.

The cost for this is €500 ex. VAT payable in advance. You must have a good internet connection and a quiet work environment on the day of the build.

This is a "get up and going" service for self starting entrepreneurs. You will need to be up to the challenge of learning Shopify and continuing the journey without too much handholding. Consider this like a shortcut to help you lay the foundations faster and with less time wasted. Get in touch for a date.