Tech Partners

We are vassals of Microsoft, we admit it.

Microsoft .Net Development

Perfidious Albert have developed large scale ticket booking applications, membership management applications, financial systems for power stations, and we developed the main software used by car dealers in almost every new car dealership in Ireland.

Shopify Integration

We integrate external systems such as logistics software, order analysis, accounting, and fulfuilment with Shopify websites. We also develop Shopify apps and plugins.

Custom Application Development

We start every project with a cup of coffee and a blank piece of paper. The first thing most clients say is "we do things differently here". Our job is turning that statement into a set of requirements tailored to your business.

Project Management

We have an exlusive arrangement with a specialist project management consultancy in Dublin. They provide management for every project we work on to ensure schedules are understood and adhered to, and that costs are controlled tightly.

API Development

Building and consuming APIs is our speciality. If you need to get data in or out of a 3rd party software application we can help. We have recently interacted with Shopify, Xero, UPS, Twilio, Twitter, and Stripe.